25th Anniversary

MAY 3, 2024





Event is free but will have table sponsors for $100.00;
8 persons/table.

Hope Rescue Mission is celebrating 25 years of “Bridge the Gap” in Missoula. Hope Rescue Missions exists so that by the grace of Jesus Christ, through partnership and collaboration, serves, rescues and transforms those in need. Therefore, we are gathering May 3rd, 2024 to celebrate with stories of lives served, rescued and transformed!

25 years ago a group of caring followers of Jesus gathered some blankets, sandwiches, hot coffee and headed under the Higgins street bridge to serve out of the trunk of a car. That pure, simple devotion to Christ, for the sake of others, began to bridge the gap between people’s needs and the grace of Jesus Christ. Today we continue to bridge the gap through the Women’s Center, Outreach, Temporary Safe Outdoor Space, Drop-In-Center, Hope Thrift Boutique and other dreams in our heart!

Therefore, we invite you May 3, 2024, 6:00 PM, Christian Life Center to remember, celebrate and look into His faithfulness in our past and into the future. 



Hope Rescue Mission are excited to invite Rick Cole, leading us in Do what is right, not what is easy. If anybody has taken this message to heart, it’s Rick Cole. Over his 25 years as Senior Pastor at Capital Christian Center in Sacramento, Rev. Rick Cole has been an active ally for social justice, taking a hands-on approach to issues of racial reconciliation and homelessness in his community as well as serving countries all around the world by leading teams through global missions work. 

Rick’s community involvements include having served on a committee at CARES to provide awareness regarding AIDS and eliminate new infections.  He also served on the board of Sacramento Steps Forward, a public/private partnership to address the needs of the homeless in the Sacramento region. In 2014, Cole spent two weeks on the streets of Sacramento living homeless to raise awareness and funds for Winter Sanctuary, enlisting the faith community to house and feed over 100 homeless guests each night from November through March.

He has been involved in developing programs to assist the local community through Equal Start, a program to assist underserved schools and children with practical needs beyond the classroom to close the achievement gap, Character Combine, a regional coaches clinic for character development of athletes, and Evening of Dreams, a prom for teens and young adults with special needs.

Cole retired as the Senior Pastor at Capital Christian Center in September of 2023 to expand the Capital Christian Compassion ministry in the city of Sacramento. He is the author of Incarnate: Jesus Among the Broken. Rev. Rick Cole lives in California with his wife Cathy. They have three children and five beautiful grandchildren.

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