Baling Bundles of Hope – Fundraising Event

Due to the faithful support of our donors and partners, Hope Rescue Mission will be moving forward with our clothing baling operation. Each year, this program will be keeping 200,000 pounds of clothing out of landfills, with a huge opportunity for us to increase that number even more!

Local Missoula Charity Fundraising Event

Why do we need a baler?

A bale is a large quantity of an object tightly grouped together. Hope Rescue Mission will be baling clothing from Hope Thrift Shop and our partner thrift stores in order to reduce the amount of textiles that are left at landfills and create a more positive environmental impact.

We are partners with five locations down the Bitterroot that make a weekly run to pick up bags of recyclable clothing, which is stored in one of our two trailers. We also bag up the Hope Thrift Boutique recycling to store in one of our trailers. When a storage trailer is full, we transfer it to a mobile trailer to be transported to our broker in Seattle. As of yet, this process is not at all cost-efficient, but we are doing our part to help keep our landfills clean.

Our baling operation is an opportunity to create skill-building jobs for members of the community and will be the first step to building our men’s program. Not only this, but the baling operation provides work training & skill-building. We believe this is the next valuable step for many in gaining dignity, as they move toward being a contributing member of our community. This program will also create a new source of income for the mission.

The total amount needed to start this program is around $15,000, which will be recovered in a timely manner soon after the program begins operation. Help us get our operation started and create a more positive environmental impact in our community by donating to our Baling Fundraiser.

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