Bringing Light Into The Darkness

Honest, truth-filled relationships are the density strength of partnerships. Why do I say this? Any partnerships with purpose will be tested.

We are humans. We are not perfect.

Then we add these words of Jesus “…apart from me, you can do nothing…”. 

Partnerships are essential to navigate our world’s brokenness while bringing Kingdom of God solutions. We’re facing a homelessness crisis in Missoula, MT.  It’s time to change how we think about homelessness and those crippled by substance abuse and other life-controlling issues.

At Hope Rescue Mission, we present a way forward. The engaged partners who make it possible are volunteers, generous donors, community partners, prayer partners, our team, and YOU – who might be checking us out!

As we reflect on a month that traditionally celebrates “love”, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the importance and completeness of biblical love – agape love. This Greek word for love means affection or benevolence, but I especially like the definition described as a feast of charity. I can almost picture it; many gathered together in joyful celebration while abundantly serving others. 

I hope your heart feels as warm as mine does as I envision this same gathering together of friends, neighbors, volunteers, donors, and more to provide a feast of charity in our own communities.

Here at Hope Rescue Mission, we embrace opportunities to bring hope into dark places.  Isaiah 9:2 says:

“The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of deep darkness, a light has dawned.”

Through the grace of Jesus Christ, and because of his agape love for us, we are able to love and serve one another, bringing light into some of the darkest places of peoples’ lives. 

It is no surprise that a life-transforming relationship with Christ is essential to improving the lives of those in need. Life-changing relationships provide hope, agape love, and help to move beyond barriers such as brokenness, substance abuse, and homelessness.

Here are 5 Ways You Can Bring Light into Dark Places!

  1.  Provide prayer for the specific needs of someone lost in darkness
  2.  Get involved as a volunteer in one of our programs at Hope Rescue Mission for direct impact!
  3.  Give genuine compliments
  4.  Share your gratitude with others
  5.  Form a small group of like-minded people and give your time/talent/dollars to someone in need

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