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WIFM When I Volunteer?

BENEFITS OF VOLUNTEERING Here at Hope Rescue Mission, we deeply value every heart that desires to serve the Lord and recognize we are a volunteer-driven, staff-supported Mission! Volunteering offers a wide range of benefits, both for the individual and for society. Here are some of the key benefits of #volunteering: Personal Growth: Volunteering helps individuals […]

7 Ways to Help an Addict

Helping someone who is struggling with addiction can be a difficult and complex process, but there are several ways to support them on their path to recovery. Here at Hope Rescue Mission, we walk alongside men and women on their journey to recovery.  Did you know that we also provide an 18-month residential recovery program […]

Bringing Light Into The Darkness

Honest, truth-filled relationships are the density strength of partnerships. Why do I say this? Any partnerships with purpose will be tested. We are humans. We are not perfect. Then we add these words of Jesus “…apart from me, you can do nothing…”.  Partnerships are essential to navigate our world’s brokenness while bringing Kingdom of God […]

It’s Time for New Beginnings!

January of 2023 is half over, how are you doing with your expectations for 2023?  It is a natural occurrence every year to reflect on the previous year and look forward to the new year; for a new beginning and goals for improvement.  But it rarely sticks.  What started out as a great goal becomes […]

What are these Pallet Shelters I’m hearing about?

One of the greatest inventions to date is the advent of the internet. A seamless platform to educate, inform, communicate, and connect.  Of course, it has its limitations and we often see misunderstandings due to poor information. One of the questions we’ve been receiving lately relates to the Pallet Shelters to be used at the […]

Crisis Intervention Levy and Hope Rescue Mission

If you’ve heard talk about the Crisis Intervention Levy (a ballot measure for next month in Missoula County) and wondered why it matters, let’s cover some of that here. Here at Hope Rescue Mission, we support the levy measure because it directly affects care available for those struggling with mental illness, homelessness, and ultimately living […]

A little friendly competition?

Some of the best people to fundraise for our Mission are those who love the work we’re doing, who have been recipients of programs at Hope Rescue Mission, and those who continue to support what we do. Interested in participating in our annual Missoula Gives day of giving as a peer-to-peer fundraiser? Check out our […]

No Cost Will Writing Service in Montana

Life can be unpredictable. If last year has taught us anything, it’s that the unexpected can, and will, happen. There are so many opportunities each day to reflect on all we have to be thankful for, including our families themselves. One of the best ways you can show your family that you love them is […]


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