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The Grace House – Desirae Twoteeth

My Name is Desirae Twoteeth.  I am 28 years old and I have two little boys ages 3 and 6.  My boys have been absent from my life due to my addiction and poor choices. I want to start by saying one year ago I was on trial facing 14 charges from the state of […]

Meet Kim from Grace House

My name is Kim, and I been at Grace House for almost 5 months. Prior to coming here I was living in Southern California where I have lived the majority of my 56 years. I had relapsed after having a couple of years of sobriety, and managed to ruin everything in my life. I lost […]

Meet Desirae from Grace House

My name is Desirae Twoteeth. I am 28 years old and I have two sons ages five and two. I have been battling addiction for 17 years of my life, numerous addictions. It has taken me losing everything, my marriage, my kids, and my Dad to his own addiction. I also was charged in yet […]

Meet Selah from Grace House

My Name is Selah. I came to Grace House in November 2019 as an addict. I was searching for help. I found the help I needed at Grace House. Since I arrived here I have been able to deepen my relationship with Jesus, sustain my recovery, and have visitation with my sons. I stand firm […]

Meet Melody from Grace House

My name is Melody. I was hopelessly addicted, shooting up meth and living in the bushes outside, homeless. I was a loner. I did not trust anyone. I did meth all of the time. I lost control of myself and put myself in dangerous situations. People took advantage of me. I was living for me, […]

A light in a dark place – A Tribute to Melvin

Mel was a light in a dark place. His life was a true blessing to all around; he was a character, so funny, and a joy to see. When we came out to serve Mel, he was the first one out to help and the last one to call it a day. Mel was a […]

Meet Lynsie and Jessalyn

Five years ago Lynsie had a good life. She had a great home, a good job, a car, and two beautiful sons. That was all about to change though. Her new boyfriend was a meth user. It didn’t take long for Lynsie to be talked into trying it.

Meet David

David lived a nomadic life. He traveled coast to coast, wherever his feet or a bus would take him. He had even been in prison. One day, he found himself in Missoula where he came across 549-HOPE.

Danielle and her daughter

Danielle was desperate. She was on the verge of suicide. She had been abused, faced addiction, endured trauma and grief. She thought things would have changed when she met and fell in love with a good man, but his life was cut short in a car accident.

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