Building access to resources who are in need.

Walk-in hours: 9:00am - 4:00pm, Monday - Friday

Missoula, Montana

Who We Are

The Drop-in Center is available for those with short-term needs. We partner with local churches and private donors to provide funds to fill the need gaps in Western Montana. A central intake system helps eliminate duplication of services and resources and maps out a plan forward for each individual. We also help individuals find, secure, and maintain housing and are considered a “front door access point.”

Our Drop-in Center coordinators help identify opportunities to self-resolve, negotiate payments, sign up for assistance programs, and explore other creative solutions. Assistance provided includes rent or utility assistance, fuel and food gift cards, items needed for work, clothing, shoes, obtaining IDs, and other basic necessities.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars in community resources are saved each year by advocating and collaborating with our community partners to come up with alternatives. Hundreds of individuals and families are helped with basic needs, prevention from becoming homeless, and diversion out of homelessness.


We partner with the Missoula Coordinated Entry System and the 10 year plan to end homelessness. We work with other organizations to fill the gap and help those who don’t qualify for government services. Working together means a greater collective impact… because the goal is to help all who are in need!

Help Attaining:

  • Birth Certificates
  • Social Security Cards
  • ID

Assistance with:

  • Resources
  • Snap or Medicaid
  • Rental Applications
  • Work Applications
  • Computers available for use

Life Skills:

  • Recovery Meetings
  • Mental Health Resources
  • Wellness Activities
  • Bible Studies

From our clients

… in the amount of $1,200.00.  She and her husband were staying at a hotel that is currently transitioning into apartment space. She explained her situation and how she was working, but she needed to stop due to illness. We asked her to obtain a lease agreement from her landlord and then we would proceed from there.

This client, even though she struggled with cancer, still worked side by side with us to reach out for assistance. Her stamina to fill out forms and bring in items requested was amazing. She did not give up as we worked through the small steps needed to reach the goal of obtaining rental assistance for her. Through all of this, she wrote out a very detailed story of why she needed assistance from.

Since she did not have access to the internet, we typed the story for her and together we were able to obtain $800.00 to pay towards her rent. The remaining amount was covered by the Drop-in Center and our church partners. Through this process, we were also able to do an assessment that will determine where she will be approved for permanent housing. We are proud of Josephine and know God has much in storefor her!!

… with $1,100.00 in rent. Brittany was new to Missoula and she was desiring a new start in life. She had just obtained employment. She had just finished treatment and entered into sober living with a facility. Brittany was very productive in finding work and completing applications, one of which was a non-profit that awarded her $600.00 toward her rent. The Drop-in Center and our church partners split the remaining amount of $400.00.She was very grateful for all of the help and continues to work hard in her recovery.

… in the making! Thanks to the YOUR549-HOPE partnership, they received help with emergency housing resources including application fees, and are now in permanent housing. They have worked hard over the last year and we are incredibly proud to see how far they have come.

getting my client a motel last night.  You’re a rock star!

Stephen @ OPD

During my hardship, I was diagnosed with breast cancer while in Missoula.  I had to travel to my brother’s home in Iowa so that I would have some one to help me during my treatment.  The funds that you were able to put towards new tires for my van were appreciated so much more than I can express with words.  Please know that your generosity was very meaningful, and I am so grateful!

Helping People


Provides needed supplies.

  • Hygiene needs
  • Laundry cards
  • Volunteers
  • Emergency Food

Restoring Hope


Provides temporary shelter, safety, and basic needs

  • Fuel cards
  • Food gift cards (for specific needs food banks cannot meet)
  • Clothes for employment needs
  • Utility assistance

Transforming Lives


Provides shelter, safety, basic needs and HOPE.

  • Housing navigation
  • Rental assistance
  • 1 week of recovery for 1 person at Grace House
  • 1 week at the Temporary Safe Outdoor Space

Drop-in Hours:

9:00am – 4:00pm, Monday – Friday

Mailing address:

P.O. Box 306
Missoula, MT 59806


2811 Latimer Street, Suite 223
Missoula, Montana 59808

Office: (406) 542-5240

Thrift Boutique:  (406) 728-5538

The Women’s Center:  (406) 552-5016