Gifts Are More Than Just Dollars: How You Can Give to Your Favorite Nonprofit

Easter is just around the corner and as we draw closer, we are reminded here at the Mission about Jesus’ incredible sacrifice and gift of salvation for those who believe in Him. John 3:16 reminds us: 

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” (emphasis mine)

He gave his life in exchange for ours – what an incredible gift! 

While we can never repay the kind of debt that Jesus did, there are many ways you can give for Kingdom impact at Hope Rescue Mission!

7 Ways to Give for Kingdom Impact



  • The Mission is grateful for every giving partner, as you are the lifeblood of allowing us to fulfill our mission to serve, rescue, and transform those in need by the grace of Jesus Christ. Whether you give $5 or $5,000, one-time or consistently, every dollar is stewarded with responsibility and used to reach the most vulnerable in our community.  


  • Yes! You can donate appreciated stock to Hope Rescue Mission to fund our mission while avoiding taxes.
  • Avoid Capital Gains Tax of 15% – 32.8% (federal and state) and NII Tax of 3.8%
  • Deduct the fair market value of the stock (regardless of your cost basis)
  • Let the nonprofit keep the proceeds that would have gone to the IRS


In 2022, the Mission was blessed with a team of like-minded individuals who established an endowment for the Mission through the Missoula Community Foundation. Hope Rescue Mission has been around just shy of 25 years and we are looking forward to many more decades of serving in Missoula.  An endowment helps to ensure the longevity of the Mission.

Why give to the endowment? Similar to donating stock, giving to an endowment not only helps to fund our mission, but there are notable tax benefits by taking advantage of the Montana Endowment Tax Credit.

How Montana Endowment Tax Credit (METC) Works 

The Montana Endowment Tax Credit allows donors to pay less in Montana state income taxes when they give a qualifying planned gift to a Montana charitable endowment. 

The incentive is 40 percent of the gift’s federal charitable deduction, up to a maximum $10,000 tax credit ($20,000 for couples), per year, per individual, and a credit of 20 percent of a direct gift by a qualified business, up to a maximum of $10,000 per year. This is a dollar-for-dollar tax credit.

What Planned Gifts Can Do 

A planned gift can provide a continuous income for the donor while providing steady funds to nonprofit or charity. Planned gifts can also offer tools for estate and tax planning. Planned gifts can include annuities, charitable trusts, and some estate gifts that meet planned gift requirements. 

Charitable Deductions vs. Charitable Credits 

A charitable deduction can help lower your taxable income through itemization. The METC provides a dollar-for-dollar credit that will lessen the overall Montana State taxes that you have to pay. You get to use the charitable contribution as a federal deduction and If you do not itemize your donation on your federal taxes, you can still use METC on your state taxes. 


Here’s How It Works

If you donate… Federal Tax Deduction (32%)** Montana Tax Deduction (6.9%)  Montana Endowment Tax Credit (40%) TOTAL SAVINGS

$15K Fift

$4,800 $1,035 $0 $5,835
Planned Gift to an Endowment

$15K Gift

*$2,880 $0 $6,000 $8,880

*The amount of Federal Charitable Deduction is reduced by the amount of the Montana Endowment Tax Credit per IRS regulation RD 9864. 

** The Federal Tax Savings calculation is based on a an individuals 32% tax bracket


Did you know you can leave a legacy gift for incredible impact? We are happy to work with your attorney to create a giving strategy from your estate to Hope Rescue Mission.

We are also pleased to offer a no-cost will.  We invite you to learn more about this convenient, attorney-developed Estate giving option.

Ready to name Hope Rescue Mission as a recipient of an Estate gift?  Please use the following name: Union Gospel Mission of Missoula.

Hope Rescue Mission is a volunteer-driven, staff supported mission and we’d love to help you find an area or program that fulfills you and allows your gifts to shine! Areas to serve include: 


Hope Rescue Mission is proud to be a volunteer-driven, staff supported organization. One of the best ways to get to know more about the Mission, those we serve, and the impact the Mission has in our community is through service!  

Do you have a special gift or talent you feel led to share with others? Are you looking for an opportunity to engage in your community in different ways? Looking for purposeful volunteering?  Look no further!  Our volunteer coordinator, Shelly Wear, spends time with each volunteer to help you find the area of service that brings you fulfillment.  Whether you’re looking to serve at the Temporary Safe Outdoor Space, the Community Drop-in Center, Hope Thrift Boutique, Women’s Center Recovery Home or in our administrative office, we have a place for you!


Hope Thrift Boutique is the premier thrift store in Missoula!  Carrying more than just clothing, housewares, furniture and such, our thrift store is a storefront with a purpose! We help meet the needs of clients at group homes, patients at Partnership Health Center, kids who are in the foster system, and more. Hope Thrift Boutique blessed with the opportunity to work alongside the women at the Women’s Center, as they serve at the store weekly and are able to walk through their journey of recovery while HTB provides a positive work environment for them during the first nine months of their program.

Quality pre-owned items such as clothing, furniture, housewares, shoes, books, and more are accepted!


Non-financial gifts are such a blessing!  A box of envelopes or stamps for our administrative office, paper goods like paper plates/napkins/toilet paper for the Women’s Center, or even donated professional services like graphic design, printing, or advertising!  

Every bit of support is graciously appreciated and acknowledged with a receipt!  We can’t thank you enough!

Ashley Corbally

Director of Development | Hope Rescue Mission

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