It’s Time for New Beginnings!

January of 2023 is half over, how are you doing with your expectations for 2023?  It is a natural occurrence every year to reflect on the previous year and look forward to the new year; for a new beginning and goals for improvement. 

But it rarely sticks. 

What started out as a great goal becomes drudgery and immediate results are not happening.  Whether it is a new diet to lose weight, a change in exercise level, or any other personal goal, it is hard to change our old habits or start new ones.  

So how do we successfully change our habits?  Here are some ideas from BJ Fogg, a research psychologist and innovator, on his special “Tiny Habits”  program about the behavior you are trying to adopt:

  • You do it at least once a day.
  • It takes you less than 30 seconds to do.
  • It requires little effort.

Some insights you may discover are:

  • Taking time to set myself up for success is instrumental to my success.
  • Being accountable also helps me succeed. 
  • Having external support and encouragement strengthens my commitment.


One exciting area of new beginnings is the opening of our new Temporary Safe Outdoor Space!  These new hard-sided shelters with electricity are a huge improvement from the canvas tents.  Our residents are starting the new year in a new location and will continue to work on improving their lives with one new “Tiny Habit” after another.  It is hard work to change old patterns, but we are committed to coming alongside people to change those old bad habits into new productive ones.  They are learning new skills and taking steps toward healthy lives, productive employment, and permanent housing.  We encourage and hold the residents accountable for this positive change so they can form great habits.

Why do we help these people that have been marginalized for years, have complicated pasts, and have difficult histories to overcome?  Because of Jesus Christ and His love for us!  Jesus wants us to share the love He gives us with others and introduce people to the grace and blessing of following Him. 

So don’t be discouraged if your new year has not started as well as you had planned.   Start fresh, set a goal, and take steps every day to make it stick!

— Jeanne Parker, Director of Operations at Hope Rescue Mission

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