What are these Pallet Shelters I’m hearing about?

One of the greatest inventions to date is the advent of the internet. A seamless platform to educate, inform, communicate, and connect.  Of course, it has its limitations and we often see misunderstandings due to poor information.

One of the questions we’ve been receiving lately relates to the Pallet Shelters to be used at the new Temporary Safe Outdoor Space. With a myriad of media coverage and public discussion, the name has led some to interpret that the design is a shelter built from wooden pallets.  Or something that sits atop wooden pallets.

Let’s set the record straight: NEITHER of these is accurate.

The name Pallet Shelter is because these rapid response shelters are prefabricated at the factory, and shipped on a pallet to the end user. These shelters are actually designed from fiberglass reinforced plastic with foam insulated core, in conjunction with aluminum framing.

Pallet Shelters assembled at the soon-to-be open TSOS.

Pallet Shelters have been utilized around the country as a rapid-response solution for addressing homelessness or in the event of a natural disaster.  In Montana, inclement weather (especially in the winter) creates a dangerous environment for those without a roof over their head.  For two years, Hope Rescue Mission has operated and managed the Temporary Safe Outdoor Space in Missoula.

While the program has been wildly successful in helping house those experiencing homelessness in Missoula, there are numerous weather-related concerns that pose a safety risk. The TSOS will upgrade from canvas tents to Pallet Shelters (and simultaneously relocating to a more permanent plot of land that also has utilities) in early 2023.  These heated/cooled units will provide weather-appropriate accommodations for those participating in the TSOS program as they work with staff and service providers toward obtaining safe, stable housing and getting off the streets.

Current design at TSOS with canvas tents on wood platforms.

If you have further questions regarding the TSOS program or Pallet Shelters, please reach out to Ashley at development@hopemontana.org

Happy Holidays!

Ashley Corbally



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