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Who We Are

Hope Rescue Mission offers a long-term recovery program for people dealing with overwhelming personal issues such as addiction, domestic violence, or a criminal record. Recognizing that permanent change takes place at the heart level, this program addresses the underlying thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that drive destructive behavior.

Addictions, abuse, and homelessness can’t be solved through keeping a set of rules. They require transformation from the inside out. At the Women’s Center, women explore the root causes of addictions and other destructive behaviors within a safe, homelike environment that also welcomes and nurtures their children.

Long-term healing – The “Living in Freedom Everyday” LIFE Recovery Program involves a commitment of 18-months. Residents complete different phases of Christ-centered curriculum and therapy tailored to heal the wounds they previously numbed through addiction. Unlike 30, 60, or 90-day programs, the length of the program allows residents to go beyond behavior modification to true healing for the body, mind, and spirit.

Your help is vital!

Your financial donation is vital to help provide a transformative environment for our residents!

How to apply

  • Use the application button for a printable form.
  • Fill out, complete and return. Your application will be reviewed and we will contact you to schedule an interview.
  • Interviews make sure the applicant is a good fit for the program. Available space in the program for you (and your children, if applicable) will be a consideration as well.
  • No personal transportation is allowed on site. The Women’s Center provides scheduled transportation for guests accepted into the program. This is a cooperative living arrangement in which program participation and house rules apply.

Return the application:

By email:  wcdirector@hopemontana.org

Fax to (406) 549-0929

Attn: Women’s Center Director

Applications can also be dropped off in person at our Hope Thrift Boutique at 702 SW Higgins Ave.

Call (406) 642-7046


Yes. approved family members will be able to come to the Women’s Center for visitation during allotted visiting times. After 3 months into the program, you will also be able to apply for passes to visit approved family members outside the Women’s Center.

Yes. Our program is set up to have you begin working during the last semester of the program. We offer a work readiness course and case management that walks you through getting your Social Security card, birth certificate, photo id, resume, and anything else necessary to help you become employed.

No. We are a faith-based program that believes true freedom is found in Christ. Our only requirement to attend is a desire for a change in your life. Our heart is that all addicts find recovery.

Personal cell phones are not allowed in the Women’s Center program.  A house phone is provided so phone access is still available. When beginning employment during the last semester of the program, a phone will be provided during work hours to maintain contact with program staff and the employer.

Residents participate in a cost-share program for program expenses.  For those entering the program with any type of income (TANF, SSI/SSDI, child support, spousal support, retirement, etc.), 60% is saved for future housing needs upon program completion and 40% is allocated back to the program to offset the nearly $2,000 monthly cost per resident.  When residents begin employment during the late stages of the program, the same 60/40 allocation is applied to earned income as well.


From our clients

… over 18 months ago, I believed my life was over. I had lost my relationships with my children, family and friends, and in my diseased mind, had lost my relationship with God. I was no longer a registered nurse and was unemployable for even the smallest of jobs. I was facing being evicted from my home, and through all of that was seeking more and more alcohol to relieve my pain. The alcohol stopped working, and I had decided death would be better than what I was going through. It was in that deep, dark place that I realized that Jesus was there with me; He brought me out of there and led me to recovery at the Grace House.

These last 18 months have not been easy. Physical sobriety was the first step, but not the most difficult. For me, the most difficult part was changing everything I thought about myself, and in some ways what I thought about God. The curriculum in the program was challenging and exactly what I needed to learn about myself, addiction, and why I continued to relapse over and over again.

The emphasis on finding my identity in Christ through the classes, Bible studies, morning worship and Bible reading, and the other residents and staff supporting me, was crucial in my recovery, as was spending personal time in prayer and getting closer to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Through the prayers of so many, I successfully completed the 18-month program! Those prayers, and a lot of hard work, allowed me to obtain my RN license in Montana and I am now working as a hospice nurse in Missoula. I am so thankful and grateful for the love and prayers from all who support the Grace House and Hope Rescue Mission- I truly believe I “am fearfully and wonderfully made”!

Grace does not depend on what we have done for God but rather what God has done for us.

… who was trying to get a friend into [the Women’s Center]. He told me about his friends’ troubles and her desire to be free of her addictions. He had been keeping her in his home to keep her safe. She happened to be there when I called and I was able to talk to her. She told me a little about herself and was very interested in coming to [the Women’s Center] when we had an opening. I told her we would be having an opening soon. After talking she turned the phone back over to him. At that time he expressed to me how much he wanted her to do the program at [the Women’s Center]. He said his Mom had done the program at [the Women’s Center] and it completely changed her life. He knew that she also worked a year at [the Women’s Center] after she graduated to help other women. She has stayed sober and is moving forward with her life and reconciliation. He said there was a lot of healing that needed to be done with family members, but they are working on healing. His mom’s constant prayer in the time she was with us was to have reconciliation with her kids. What a blessing it is to beat [the Women’s Center] and see women transformed into the Godly women God intended them to be.

… program two years ago. After 15 years without a driver’s license, she has been able to get her license, as well as save and buy herself a car! Her family is grateful to see the progress that she has made as God is still moving and Restoring her life.

Cindy’s son expressed to us how the Grace House had completely changed his mom’s life. She has stayed sober and is moving forward with her life and reconciliation. He said there was a lot of healing that needed to be done with family members, but they are working on that healing. His mom’s constant prayer in the time she was with us was to have reconciliation with her kids. What a blessing it is to be at [the Women’s Center] and see women transformed into the Godly women He intended them to be!

Drop-in Hours:

9:00am – 4:00pm, Monday – Friday

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