A light in a dark place – A Tribute to Melvin

Mel was a light in a dark place. His life was a true blessing to all around; he was a character, so funny, and a joy to see. When we came out to serve Mel, he was the first one out to help and the last one to call it a day. Mel was a baker for 30 years, and a Golden glove boxer in Minnesota we were told by his brother he’s been estranged from for quite a while. Mel had a pretty rough life, but would literally give the shirt off his back. He gave so much and even when we had items for him, he would wait until everybody got something and he would take what was left (which we always had something for him he just didn’t know it). Mel will be missed by so many because he was truly loved by so many. For the last 4 1/2 years that I’ve known him he’s been a true blessing to myself and to several others in in the community like the service providers and other organizations that worked with Mel.

Mel always had a smile. There were times when Mel was grumpy and we knew to not bother him haha. With his cute smile and grumpy face, he would say “Not Today…Just not today”. Mel was a bit of a loner at times too.

Mel’s hands told a story. We all will sure miss his stories of his life!! In Mel’s last days he wanted to be alone. He thought he deserved to die alone and I’m so thankful that we got to be with Mel that day because he was suffering and alone. I couldn’t leave Mel there alone even though he may have wanted to be left alone.

Mel was in hospital for 3 days before his fight came to an end. Being by his side and knowing he excepted Jesus in those last moments was amazing. It is what makes the calling upon my life and many others who are called to serve those who are alone, broken and lost a continued pursuit to help those in greatest need.
“Melvin Brecht passed away and he wasn’t a John Doe like most.” Praise God!!

It’s in our hearts to fight for those who feel as if they do not deserve to be loved and supported. Thanks to all of our faithful donors and friends of Hope Rescue Mission. You make it possible for no one to be alone and to know they have a creator that loves them deeply.

Written by:
April R. Seat
Director of Outreach
Hope Rescue Mission

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